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Shanghai Pudong New Area Zhong Xin Vocational and Technical Training School is a comprehensive training school approved by Shanghai Pudong New Area Bureau of Human Resources and Associations. Located in Waigaoqiao Pilot Free Trade Zone, China (Shanghai), it is a new type of training school with deep integration between school and enterprise, integrating advanced technologies such as intelligent manufacturing and watch & clock manufacturing, covering skill training, skill appraisal, enterprise internal training and professional and technical consulting services related to enterprises and vocational colleges.

Relying on the strong support of the Management Committee of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, the high skilled talent training base of Shanghai Timepiece Trade Association and the high skilled talent training sub base of Pudong Intelligent Manufacturing Association of Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Association, the School uses the high-quality resources of multinational enterprises and cooperative units in the pilot zone to introduce and absorb international and domestic first-class watch & clock technology Intelligent manufacturing technology and services. With the purpose of cultivating high skilled talents with ingenuity and both morality and technology, the School adheres to serving the city and the free trade pilot zone, impacting the Yangtze River Delta and the whole country, and focuses on promoting the development of intelligent manufacturing and watch & clock manufacturing industry.

Taking open service and win-win cooperation as the development path, relying on the high skilled talent training base of Shanghai Timepiece Trade Association and the high skilled talent training base of Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association Pudong Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, the School has established close cooperative relations with a number of international and domestic well-known enterprises and local vocational colleges, and initiated watch & clock technology, intelligent manufacturing, mold manufacturing, 3D printing and other professional training, and implement the skill appraisal of relevant professional types of work.

Moreover, it has shaped a team composed of full-time and part-time teachers, industry experts and masters, enterprise technical experts and vocational college teachers. The teaching team has high ethics, strong ability and rich experience in teaching and training. Guided by serving the society, taking training quality as the core and student development as the goal, the School is committed to building a high-quality vocational skill training curriculum system and personalized training and teaching resources for enterprises and students, providing excellent training services, and building the school into a highland for cultivating high-tech talents.

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本单位按照公平、公正、民主的原则,制定议事程序和规则。本单位设理事会,其成员为5人。理事每届任期3年,任期届满,连选可以连任理事的资格: (一)坚持党的路线、方针、政策; (二)有完全民事行为能力; 心在本单位业务领域内有较大的影响和较高的声誉;

Teaching Management Management

Shanghai Pudong New Area Zhong Xin Vocational and Technical Training School is jointly established by Shanghai Timepiece Trade Association and Pudong Intelligent Manufacturing Association. It aims to serve more excellent intelligent manufacturing enterprises and promote the construction of a new pattern of "integrated and coordinated development of the Yangtze River Delta and service-oriented manufacturing industry". Guided by industrial development and enterprise demand, it has continuously helped Shanghai transform and upgrade from "concentrated manufacturing" to "incubated manufacturing", formed the combination of "industry, research and study", and trained senior, intermediate and advanced technical talents required by enterprises.


The Operation and Management of School

The school's operation and management belongs to civilian and non-governmental pattern in nature. Its main business is to undertake the training of senior, intermediate and advanced talents required by enterprises for the government. It is mainly supported by government subsidies. According to the principle of independent enrollment and entrusted training according to the needs of enterprises and markets, and cross regional cooperation as the development form, it is gradually developed by relying on the industry strength of the association.

  • 1、The operation of the school is combined with the entrusted support of the association and independent development, and adopts a relatively independent operation. However, the training projects are discussed, reported and accounted for, and reviewed by the leading group.
  • 2、 According to the organization types, organization nature and training mode of the training project, the training expenditure and training benefits shall be discussed one by one to confirm the distribution of training expenditure, and the implementation shall be organized according to the principles determined by both parties.
  • 3、During the development of the school, it requires to make full use of social resources, have more options for development, cooperate with multiple parties, develop together, and walk out of a new road of win-win cooperation.


Teacher Management of School

The strength of teachers determines the training quality, grade and social influence of the school, as well as the success or failure of the school. With the continuous expansion of school training qualification and the determination of relative specialty and the gradual development of professional training channels in relevant industries, it is necessary to focus on the establishment of school teachers related to professional training and the establishment of teachers of relevant professional forces.

  • 1、Full-time teachers: according to the conditions of professional expertise, by giving full play to the industry management and service role of the association, the shcool hires and establishes a full-time teacher team of the school.
  • 2、Part-time teachers: the school makes full use of the experts and engineers of association enterprises, especially well-known enterprises, establishing cooperative relations by means of long-term cooperation, temporary employment and short-term guidance, formulating and cooperating economic relations and standards, and carrying out upgrading training, enterprise oriented training and social employment industry training required by social development.
  • 3、Loose cooperation with teachers: the school makes full use of and rely on the cooperative school running strength of social government departments, large and medium-sized public and private colleges and universities, so as to achieve a win-win cooperation and expand influence.


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